Working Together

One to One coaching

Profile session - We need to get to know each other.
Golfers have different reasons for playing the game and what they want from it. Your action plan for the 2017 season will be constructed around you, your goals and what you want to achieve for your game.

Action Plan – Unique to you
This follows your profiling session. An action plan may consist of just one session or it could be over a period of time with my ongoing backup and support, whichever it is there’s a plan to suit. Each plan gives you practical tools and techniques personalised to you and available to use straight away.

Where we will work together
I can work with you at ANY golf course, including your own club, even at your place of work or home. If you wish to play and learn at the same time we can arrange to play from 1 or 18 holes or work on the range.

I also have access to the latest simulator technology so you can test yourself on some ofthe best and most famous courses in the world. No restrictions on day or time, subject to diary! I will coach you when it suits you

Some of the areas we will work on
Having a great “Inner Caddie” with you on every shot.
The brain and the relationship with your body.
Why this is NOT about “Positive thinking”
Practising with consequences
Practice and Shot routines
Commitments and Actions
Changing bad habits into good ones

If you prefer to learn and develop with friends, partners or family, that’s a really good idea. Having “buddies” along is an excellent way to learn and often adds a competitive edge! The techniques I teach benefit all golfers so groups with different levels of ability wouldn’t be good.

Society and Corporate days
Add value to your day with a pre-event or after dinner talk on the role of psychology in sport and golf. Hear how the pro’s deal with pressure and how at times they are no different to you and I on the course.

Club Professionals
Get in touch to see how Golf PRO UK can add value to your business and your Club with the Golf PRO UK partner and referral programme.

Club Committees
This year many clubs will be running events that require something different to attract “customers”. Golf PRO UK can help promote their causes, do a talk to a section in the club, set up workshops for Juniors in the school holidays or even provide the “coaching” on team events.