Will it make my score go lower

Will it make the score go lower?

As the season is now well under way I wondered if the plans you made for your game in 2016 were going well?

Whatever commitments you made I hope they are having the desired effect on your game. I know many golfers who took specific actions over the winter to improve their golf this year and are now starting to reap the benefits.

Consider how many shots you could save by doing the following, I suggest at least 3?

Prepare better for each round by getting to the course earlier?

Practice smarter with a drill designed to improve your scores not just a warm up?

Commit to not losing your temper after a bad shot?

When a poor shot happens and it will, move on!

Implement a shot routine designed to produce your best possible shot every time?

Take each shot as it comes, not thinking ahead about the total score?

A putting lesson from the pro?

A session with a Mind Coach!!

The results won’t always be instant but they will ultimately have an impact on your scores.

Take a look at www.willitmaketheboatgofaster.com to see how small marginal changes can have an impact on the overall goal, target and score.

Play well next time out.

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