How to play better golf

Mike, a mid-handicapper approached me, he was falling out with the game, something every golfer goes through. But this wasn’t just poor scores it was more fundamental than that. Part of his game was falling apart and the problems were creeping into other shots, fortunately they hadn’t affected his driving or long irons just yet.

Mike was really not looking forward to his weekends either and started missing out his midweek range session, a move guaranteed to produce poorer performances for him. He also decided he was only going to play the weekend competitions in 2015 and not bother with the midweek games or team fixtures.This was not where Mike had wanted his game to be at the end of 2015.

Fortunately, Mike knew that he had the necessary motivation to get back on track. Once he recognised a way to approach each shot slightly differently the original issue was consigned to being a”last season” problem. He put the work in to change his mental game by reading, practising, talking with me and developing a stronger course strategy.

So, Mike is going to play more golf this year, because he’s a happier golfer. The fear has been cleared, the frustrations handled and the confidence has returned.

Like to be a happier golfer?