Hit more fairways

Hit more Fairways, make more Greens in Regulation and Sink more Putts!

Breaking down your Pro Shot Card smallgame makes it is possible to improve the concentration on the different shots that make up your score for the round. Taking the focus away from just a good or bad overall score helps the brain to maintain concentration on each shot and not worry about the effect a few bad ones may have.

The Pro Shot Card allows you to track 3 parts of your game ideally over 6 to 10 rounds. Fairways hit, greens in regulation and number of putts can be recorded with totals for the round. A target for improvements in one or all of the areas can then form the basis for your focus next time out. Importantly, the results achieved will assist with the development of your mental game as well as highlighting any technical issues to work on with your professional.

Get in touch to find out how the Pro Shot Card will lower your score this year, these 3 did!

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