About Gary

I work with absolute beginners, club golfers with low or high handicaps and those at a professional level. I have the benefit of several Mind coaching accreditations including the Mind Factor and the NLP Centre of Excellence.

I have an action plan for every golfer, there are no CDs or books. I guarantee that all my clients will hit more fairways, make more greens in regulation and sink more putts. I work on a player’s “Inner Voice” the one that so often controls what happens with their performances. I have played dozens of different golf courses with hundreds of golfers but one thing remains a constant, golfers talking themselves into playing below their capability saying things like:

  • “I’ve never had a good score on this hole”
  • “I wonder why I bother playing this game sometimes”
  • “Can’t see me being in the prizes today”

My company Golf PRO UK is based in Stockport, Greater Manchester. I work throughout the UK and have access to some of the best facilities in golf should you want to have a change of scenery from your own club. You may even feel the need to learn and practice in a more private environment. My background is a commercial one having worked in equipment finance and the card payments sector. See my Linkedin profile.

My motivation for the role of teaching golf psychology is to prove beyond doubt that any golfer can take shots off their game by changing the way they think about their game. I know this to be true, I would simply like to help as many golfers as possible, from as many clubs as possible to lower their scores and enjoy their game to the maximum.

Get in touch and I’ll tell you more, hopefully you’ll become part of the success at Golf PRO UK. I look forward to working with you this year!