Any golfer can take shots off their game by changing the way they think about their game, FACT!

This site is for ALL golfers who want to know how to develop a stronger mental game.

Everyone has an inner voice it talks to us all the time. For golfers this voice can be like a really bad caddie, they can make or break your game. If your Inner Caddie is driving you mad with comments like:

  • “I’ve never had a good score on this hole”
  • “I wonder why I bother playing this game sometimes”
  • “Can’t see me taking the money today and that’s before I even tee off!”

Take action and call me on 07967 594849, change your Inner Caddie for good!

Golf is a mental and physical game. That is why it’s important for golfers to develop a strong inner game alongside technical ability.

In golf, your decisions, thoughts, images and feelings set up each swing. Mental training helps to develop skills that compliment the physical aspects of the game.

Golf PRO UKs’ programmes uses proven methods for helping golfers to achieve their potential.

John came to me: Gary, “I wanted to ask if you can assist me with my chipping & long putting? I seem to have developed a style of yips when chipping.This has now also started to affect my long putting too. Generally in practice this is not an issue to me (within reason) but as soon as I am out on the course it affects virtually every shot from within 20/30 yards of the greens or on the longer putts.... Is there anything that you can assist me with to try and rid this from my game or to work on as it is destroying my scoring and confidence?”

The plan was to work on John’s mental approach to his every shot including the ones giving him the issues. This involved putting simple techniques into his practice and game routine to ensure he was in the best possible place mentally.

Here’s an update from John after our first session, “Things better today when I played as I was more prepared & focused so felt better throughout over most shots which was pleasing”

And another, “We did finish 2nd so am really pleased. Great to see the results of all the hard work......
Many thanks & speak next week. A very happy golfer!!!

Imagine how good it would feel to do something about your mental game and take your golf to a new level in 2021.

If you had a successful 2020 golfing that’s fantastic. However, if you missed some of your targets or didn’t reach those goals you set you might want to take a different approach this year. After all keep doing the same things and you will get the same results.

Take action now and get in touch, we could be working together today! 07967 594849.

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